Book Review: Perelandra

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Book: Perelandra

Author: C.S. Lewis

Recommend: Not as good as the first one…

Right after finishing Out of the Silent Planet, I dove straight into the second book in the trilogy, Perelandra. In this second book, Ransom is sent to Venus to save them from a great evil as their world is in its infancy.Ransom ends up facing the shell of a former foe as he tries to guide the young queen into following him instead of the charismatic un-man.

While this book was a continuation of the first book, it was lacking something. This was a very heady novel and it made it hard to read. Lewis had a hard time describing a lot of things in this book and it just doesn’t seem to meet the same level as the rest of Lewis’ writing.

I’m kind of nervous to tackle the next book in the series at this point after the slow snail pace of the last one.

Final Rating:

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