Book Review: The Girl in the Steel Corset

Book: The Girl in the Steel Corset

Author: Kady Cross

Recommend: I was very surprised by how much I like this one!

I must admit, I picked this one up for the cover. That and the fact that it was part of a series called The Steampunk Chronicles. Yep. Instantly meant that it had to come home with me from the library. I don’t know why I waited so long to read it but I waited quite a while. I wished I hadn’t. It was a great read.

Finley is not a normal girl. she might seem like the sweet subservient girl she should be and she is, until she feels threatened. The night her most recent employer comes after her, she feels her dark side take her over and she beats him to a pulp before running away and running into the last person that should help her. It leads her down a path that changes her life. When everything you thought you knew was a lie, how do you move on and become more?

Honestly, my favorite character in this book is Griffin.  Finley is just fine but the main male character is definitely the best thing about the book. He is just the right balance of everything to make him an extremely likable character.

I think the weakest point of this book is how Finley meets and befriends Jack Dandy. It felt extremely abrupt and unnecessary. The author forced it to create the love triangle she felt necessary. I really think the story would have stood well without it. Sam was a bit too stubborn for my tastes as well. I think that in some ways the author missed out on a couple of things and made certain bits too obvious. I was also amused that she stole the plot from The Great Mouse Detective. Yep. You got it. The Disney movie about the mouse version of Sherlock Holmes.

Despite its issues it was a fun read and I could see myself continuing the series.

Final Rating:

Get it used…

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