Book Review: Delirium

Book: Delirium

Author: Lauren Oliver

Recommend: Definitely worth the read!

Imagine a society where love is considered a disease. Imagine waiting until you are eighteen to be cured terrified of catching the horrible love disease hoping that you wouldn’t be infected and could be happy. For Lena, after her mother’s death, she more than anyone wanted to simply get the cure and move on with her life. A simple stable existence where family and work consume her life and she is happy. Then she meets Alex and everything changes. Then when everything she thought she knew turns out to be a lie, Lena might not want the cure after all. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a much a choice.

This book was a great read! The pacing was perfect and the story unfolded well for YA. I would have liked to keep her mother’s fate a mystery for a little bit longer but I know why the author revealed it so quickly. Alex could have been a little stronger in my opinion but he was well done over all. I thought the way Lena was written was great her fear and they way she overpowered it was so normal and familiar and seemed so real. It’s the same mental conversation I’ve had with myself so many times when I’m about to do something I shouldn’t.

I definitely think I’ll be reading the next books in this series!

Final Rating:

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