Book Review: A Breath of Eyre

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Book: A Breath of Eyre

Author: Eve Marie Mont

Recommend: Meh.

I love Jane Eyre. It is one of my favorite books. I thought a retelling would be interesting. A fresh spin. I hoped that the author would come up with something besides amnesia to explain her trip into Jane’s life. I was let down. It was the first of many let downs with this book.

Emma is a sixteen year old girl going to a boarding school on scholarship. She is a wallflower and has a slight crush on her English professor. She loves the sea until she winds up in a coma and falls into the life of Jane Eyre. Which life will she choose?

Okay, the only reason I kept reading is because I love the original. The book was painfully predictable and seemed to miss the whole point of the character of Jane Eyre. The Jane part of the story was painfully rushed and not accurate even before the character intentionally deviated from the set storyline. The author didn’t spend enough time making transitions between the character being uncomfortable in Jane’s skin to feeling at home. The whole thing felt like it needed more development. It could have been a good read. It was less than mediocre because of bad writing. How the author got to continue this series I’ll never know.

Not worth the time.

Final Rating:


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