Book Review: The godess Test

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Book: The goddess Test

Author: Aimee Carter

Recommend: A surprisingly good read!

I picked this one up because I really enjoy reading Greek mythology however I almost slammed it back down when I saw that the publisher was Harlequin. I know they have been trying to change their image but they are linked to bad cheesy romance novels in my mind. However, I decided to give it a chance. After all I really enjoy Greek mythology. I was pleasantly surprised.

A young girl moves to her mother’s hometown as her mother lives out her final days. Her first days at school don’t go well but when she is invited to go, she tries to make a new start only for tragedy to strike. When she is given a choice to save the life of another will she give up half a year of her life for the rest of time in order to bring her back? When you make a deal with the devil or Hades as the case may be, be prepared for the consequences.

I really enjoyed this retelling of Persephone. It is not the first I’ve read lately but it is so different from the other that it felt like reading something completely new. This book was very engaging and entertaining. I will be picking up the next book in the series.

I would say that the biggest weak point in this book is the tragic ending. Not because it was sad but because it was just a bad ending in comparison to the rest of the book. the whole thing was a bit too neatly wrapped up. Don’t get me wrong, I like a happy ending as much as the next girl however, this was just a bit too much.

Final Rating:

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