Book Review: Out of Oz

Book: Out of Oz

Author: Gregory Macguire

Recommend: Umm.. nope.

I should know better by now. This author is not to be read. Mostly because it will make me furious and want to scream things in inappropriately public places (like the Starbucks were I finished this one). Also because he seems completely incapable of treating his characters with any sense of kindness. At least this one came with a bit of warning…

This follows Rain, the granddaughter to the infamous Elphaba Thropp otherwise known as the wicked witch of the west. Born green, just like her grandmother, they quickly get a spell to mask her offensive shade (where was this when Elphaba was born?) and hide her from the world. They send her to live with the very irresponsible Glinda to keep her out of harms’ way. When she begins to be noticed despite Glinda’s feeble attempts to do otherwise, they ship her off with the time clock to her parents, accompanied by none other than the Cowardly Lion.

I was fine with the book a large part of the way through. That is until Rain ends up with the world love interest ever written. Period. Not only is the pairing horrible because everyone who has read anything Oz knows who Tip ends up being – the characters are WAY too young for this kind of behavior. I was rather annoyed. Then the ending. UGH! I have no words for this just limping off into nothing that Macguire writes.

If you are curious about the Wicked series. See the musical. For once, a play is better than the book.

Final Rating:



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