Book Review: Sweet Valley Confidential

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Book: Sweet Valley Confidential

Author: Francine Pascal

Recommend: Um.. no.

I tried to resist. I really did. I knew about this book. I’ve had it in my hands a few times but fought the urge. Today I found a copy at the library and just couldn’t stop myself. I had heard it was horrible. However, after devouring who knows how many Sweet Valley books as a kid, I just had to read the train wreck that is Sweet Valley Confidential.

I was completely obsessed with these for a while as a kid. My mom really didn’t like that I was reading them, which of course, heightened their appeal. So, in a box under my bed for much of my childhood, I had a large collection of these books and read them more often than I cared to admit.

For those of you who are interested in the plot line, let me save you a couple of hours of really bad writing and poorly planned flashbacks that give away too much at once. Jessica gets divorced – again. Todd and Jessica hook up. Elizabeth finds out. She leaves for New York to become a musical theater reviewer (cause that’s gonna be the first job you land in New York right?). She takes a boy home to her grandmother’s birthday to prove that Jessica is going to cheat on Todd. It backfires and breaks her male best friend (get this… no really) Bruce’s heart. Yes that Bruce. The bad boy who almost raped her in high school. This backfires on her. Jessica is seemingly actually in love with Todd. Whoops. She goes back for Jessica and Todd’s wedding and Bruce tells her that he’s moving to New York cause he fell in love. In that second Elizabeth realizes that she has indeed fallen for her almost rapist and is sad that it isn’t her until thirty seconds later when she finds out it is. The book ends with a very disturbing adult scene and then random summaries of past characters lives.

While I wasn’t expecting Victor Hugo here, the writing was abysmal. I think there might be better written fan fiction out there. I really didn’t want adult scenes or to hear the girls swear. I also was just weirded out that Elizabeth was going through guys faster than Jessica. It was just wrong. I really just didn’t enjoy a thing about this and yet couldn’t bring myself to put the bad book down simply because it was train wreck bad.

Yep. Wished I would have stayed far far away. Please do yourself a favor. Leave sweet valley as a good distant memory. I wished I had.

Final Rating:



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