Book Review: Beautiful Darkness

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Book: Beautiful Darkness

Authors: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Recommend: This was actually better than the first – marginally.

Lena is not out of the woods yet. She is torn apart by the fact that she is responsible for her Uncle’s death in order to save Ethan’s life. She blames herself completely and to punish herself for it, she decides to hang out with her dark cousin and a cute boy that doesn’t quite fit anywhere. Ethan finds out why he is so special and goes in search of the girl he loves to save her from herself and her dark caster mother.

I am noticing a disturbing trend in YA fiction lately. Maybe it’s just the string of stuff I’ve picked up has unfortunately had this in common or it really is happening a lot (I’m hoping it’s the first, the second makes me slightly depressed). The trend I have noticed is that in a YA fiction series, it is necessary to rip the two main characters apart in the second book. Examples: Peeta and Katniss, Bella and Edward, Tris and Four, and many more. I was hoping this second book wouldn’t do that. I really wanted them to keep the two of them together and fight it all together. That was not what happened. This one pulled them apart and did it spectacular fashion, a la New Moon.

This book doesn’t have a love triangle, it has a love rectangle. Except it wasn’t that exciting because we all know that in YA fiction, the girl always picks boy number one and never boy number two.

This book was much tighter and the pacing was better. I also become more emotionally invested with the characters than I expected.

After reading other reviews, I’m a bit nervous about reading the next book in the series. I’ve heard many things from other reviewers. They all say the same thing. Book three is very hard to get through. It looks like this is not the end of the massive character torture.

Final Rating:

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