Book Review: Girl, Stolen

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Book: Girl, Stolen

Author: April Henry

Recommend: Eh, there is much better out there but it’s not awful…

I’m still not sure what possessed me to pick this one up but I did. A few pages in and I knew it wasn’t going to be something phenomenal. I was right.

This book tells the story of a blind girl who accidentally gets kidnapped when someone steals her stepmom’s car. Not much more to the plot than that.

It was a simple, quick read and that’s about the best thing I can say about it. The book was predictable, not exciting and didn’t really hold my interest.  I would say that this book is a gateway teen novel, bordering that line between YA and middle grade fiction. Not a horrible read, but with so much better available, I would suggest steering clear. I’m glad I didn’t pay a dime for this one.

Final Rating:

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