Book Review: When She Woke

Click image to purchase (not that I’d recommend it)

Book: When She Woke

Author: Hillary Jordan

Recommend: Not in a million years.

I found the idea of a modern version of the Scarlett Letter to be interesting so I picked this book up. When I started reading, this is what I found inside:

  • A woman who aborts her baby and is punished for murder by chroming or turning her skin bright red, the color reserved for murders
  • A Christian run society that attacks people for their mistaking, including a sick cult like halfway house that forces those who aborted their children to carry around dolls meant to represent their dead children,forcing them to relive their abortions, watching graphic material and breaking down their minds, driving some mad.
  • A society that ignores the murder of criminals by the hands of ordinary citizens
  • Multiple scenes of very descriptive sex including one including the two people of the same-sex.
  • The heroes standing up for the right to have an abortion

If you are one of my Christian readers, you can see why this book is not something I would recommend. If you are not a Christian, books like these twist the truth completely, making those who believe into cruel monsters driven by rules meant to keep people from things that they think will make them happy. In addition, this book has been largely marketed to teens as YA fiction, but it is about a twenty-six year old woman and the situations in the book are extremely adult in nature. This one is not YA in any way, shape or form. Don’t be fooled by it!

Final Rating:



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