Book Review: Once

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Book: Once

Author: Anna Carey

Recommend: It went a different direction than I expected but definitely a good read!

The second book in the Eve trilogy, this picks up right where Eve left off and then twists the plot in a direction I don’t think anyone saw coming. It was refreshing to see a young adult author take a book exactly where the reader wasn’t expecting it to go! Caleb‘s life is hanging by a thread again, we finally find out exactly who Moss is and Eve is placed into a crazy situation that is very shocking.

This book was a great read. I love being surprised by a plot and this one definitely did it. By the end of the book though, as a reader, I have a certain distrust of the author and so when she claimed that someone was dead, I just can’t bring myself to believe her. This series is really so well written and engaging. I can’t imagine many people not enjoying this series.

You can find my review of the first book here. I can’t wait for the conclusion to this intense trilogy!

Final Rating:

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