Book Review: Fire in the Ashes

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Book: Fire in the Ashes

Author: Jonathan Kozol

Recommend: It was interesting…

I received this book as an ARC a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure exactly why I had decided that I wanted to read it, but I finally dived in a couple of days ago. While this was a short book, it took me a few days to get through. I blame Sunday’s marathon of Law and Order:SVU and my husband being sick, but I digress.

Jonathan researches and works with families in some of the poorest areas of New York City. In this book he discusses the lives of some of the most stand out people he has come across in his work and how they either persevered despite their circumstances or how they went down in flames because of them.

This book isn’t something that I would typically pick up. It was an interesting read and definitely got me thinking but honestly, I found that I would have liked the book better if there had been fewer people and more information about them. There seemed to be large gaping holes in their stories which failed to get me really bought into what I was reading. The moment I really started to connect with someone, their story was over and we were on to someone else.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting read but I think the author could have given us a lot more and it would have been more captivating, creating more of the result he seemed to be going for.

Final Rating:

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One response to “Book Review: Fire in the Ashes

  1. This was actually his final book to respond to repeated requests of these people’s updates. You can get all the missing pieces in his other books. I get the feeling he didn’t want to write this book but wanted to give people the closure they requested and make it clear there would be no further updates.

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