Book Review: Goliath

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Book: Goliath

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Recommend: Worth the read but certainly not the best thing I’ve ever read.

Can I just share how much I can’t stand having to wait to read a book when I’m in the middle of a series of any kind? I find it very hard to wait when I know the book is just sitting there, begging to be read. I had to wait almost two weeks though before I could dive back into this one. Work has been crazy busy due to the start of the new school year and so I have literally haven’t had a minute to read since school started. Finally this weekend, I took a day for myself and refused to do anything work related and was able to finish the Leviathan trilogy.

This one, was by far the longest book of the series and honestly the fasted read. Alek and Deryn are racing to try to end the war aboard the Leviathan when they pick up a stranded crew in Russia who was escorting none other than the famous and slightly crazy scientist, Nikola Tesla. Tesla tells Alek that he has a brilliant plan to end the war. It is a weapon so destructive that no one will dare to continue the fight. Deryn’s secret is finally unraveling. What will happen when a die-hard reporter threatens to reveal Deryn’s secret to the whole world?

English: Nikola Tesla, with Rudjer Boscovich's...

Nikola Tesla in front of the spiral coil of his high-voltage transformer at East Houston St., New York

The moment I saw that Tesla was going to play a part in this book, I picked up my phone and texted one of my best friends who is a huge fan of Tesla’s work. If you aren’t aware who this man is, I would suggest doing some serious reading up on him. Tesla is the best scientist that the world forgot. He was so far ahead of his time that he came across as a bit crazy. If he got credit where credit was do, you would be shocked to find out how much of our modern world we owe to this man. In this book though, Tesla goes a bit off the deep end in a way only he could.

Alek and Deryn finally have no secrets. I was a bit bummed out at how Alek finds out the truth but was thankful that it finally happened already. I know why the author handled it the way that he did and don’t even blame Alek for his freak out about the fact that the boy he has been looking up to for so long is in fact a girl.

The ending of this trilogy was highly satisfying and worth the wait. I can’t wait to tackle Westerfeld’s other series now that I’ve read these.

Final Rating:

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