Book Review: The Future of Us

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Book: The Future of Us

Authors: Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Recommend: This was a great read but honestly I think should have been aimed at people in their late 20s to early 30s and not teens.

After reading Thirteen Reasons Why, I decided that I had to pick this one up even though I was rather skeptical of it due to the subject matter. This book is set in the late 90s when a girl receives a computer from her father; a guilt gift for abandoning her and moving away with his new family. However when she logs into AOL, she finds herself on this odd webpage called Facebook, staring at herself fifteen years in the future.

I really enjoyed this because I was in high school in the late nineties. I got every reference and knew every song. I remember what AOL was like. I had a computer in my house but many of my friends didn’t. Cell phones were still a tool instead of a toy and most teens had pagers instead of cell phones. While this helped me connect with the story more, the core of the story is basically what every time travel story is about. Should you change the future/past or leave it alone and how to the decisions of today effect tomorrow?

This book automatically had me. The main character is a band geek. Any book that includes high school band is always better for it 😉

This was a fun read but definitely made the reader think. I appreciate Asher’s books because they really force people confront themselves in a way a simple story doesn’t. Worth the read and if you’re my age, a fun trip down memory lane.

Final Rating:

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