Book Review: Shift

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Book: Shift

Author: Kim Curran

Recommend: It’s a fun fast and fascinating read…

I picked this one up as an advanced reader copy and was instantly hooked. This seemingly normal kid turns out to have this amazing ability to change his decisions and go back and do them again, altering his future in the process. Turns out that he is not the only one and that what he is doing is rather illegal without training thanks to Aubrey, the agent that detects his first shift. Quickly he’s pulled into a crazy life of multiple realities that only he can remember since even among the gifted he is special.

I liked this book quite a bit. The main character is interesting, his family makes you feel a connection with him and his typical average nerd qualities make him a lot of fun to explore this new world with. Aubrey is the jaded girl that he doesn’t seem to have a chance with and yet he is head over heels for and together they uncover a conspiracy threatening their way of life. Great story. Easy to read without being too simple. My only slight complaint is that the formula stands out quite a bit. The story is almost a bit too clique underneath the unique shifting ability. I was hoping for a bit more originality in a few places that it was lacking but overall it was a solid story and quite a fun quick read.

Final Rating:

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