Book Review: The Power of Six

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Book: The Power of Six

Author: Pittacus Lore

Recommend: Much better than the first book!

After reading the first book in this series and seeing the movie, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to continue with it. I Am Number Four was a decent read but wasn’t amazing and the movie was just awful in comparison. So I really thought that I would just not continue the series. Then I watched a review of the book online. After that, I found a copy at the library just sitting on the shelves. I figured it was a sign and so I picked it up. I’m glad I did. While I still don’t think this series is the best thing I’ve ever read, it is definitely improving in my opinion.

This book follows Four, Six and Sam as they try to find others from Lorien and try to evade the law, who are chasing them after the events in Paradise, Ohio. We are also introduced to Seven, who is stuck behind abbey walls in Spain and her guardian has given up on training her and preparing her for what was to come.

I think the series is getting better. I still think that the writing could use some work. The writing just seems to miss some things. I think the love entanglement issues through the story feel forced. It is just too extreme in some places and in others there isn’t enough emotion. I’m just not fond his writing style in general and it just seems like he misses the mark.

Much better than the first book and entertaining but not one of the best books I’ve read.

Final Rating:

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