Book Review: M is for Magic

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Book: M is for Magic

Author: Neil Gaiman

Recommend: An amusing read  by a great fantasy author.

I’m a big fan of the work of Neil Gaiman so when I found this book of his short stories, I snatched it up. While I didn’t love every single story, most of them were really good.

This book is a collection of shorter works, which is always something I really enjoy reading. Short stories are typically extremely well written and can be a lot more imaginative than longer fiction can be. I think my favorite of this set was a crime story using the characters from nursery rhymes. It was so tongue in cheek but the characters took themselves seriously enough that it remained hilarious instead of coming across as hokey.

The seed of what would become The Graveyard Book is also included in this collection as well as a few others which were all fun to read.

Definitely worth the read if you like his other work. If you’ve never read something by him before, start with Neverwhere before getting into his short stories.

Final Rating:

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