Book Review: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Book: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Author: Rachel Joyce

Recommend: Such an amazing read. Anyone would find this one amazing.

I got this one in the mail a few weeks ago. I honestly wasn’t really excited about it. I pulled a few others of the ARC stack before I finally decided to buckle down and start it. The idea of reading a book about a recently retired man who had worked in a brewery for most of his adult life didn’t seem interesting. From the description, he seemed as dry as toast and just as interesting. I opened the book expecting to be completely disappointed.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was quickly engaged and was disappointed when I had to put the book down for dinner. I picked it up to see if I could get a bit further before bed and before I knew it, it was 3am and I had finished it. Harold Fry is bored. He is recently retired and has nothing to do with his life. His wife is distant and his son is never there. Then he gets a letter from Queenie, a woman he had worked with at the brewery and finds out that she is dying of cancer. He walks to mail a letter to her but his letter just seems completely inadequate. He walks to the next mailbox and the next. This starts a walk that spans over five hundred miles along the roads of England. A journey that will changed Harold and everyone he touches.

I loved this book. It was simple yet profound and the characters pulled the reader in. Harold was very easy to connect with. The way the author revealed more about his life in layers, letting the reader get to know him piece by piece made the story telling technique very effective.  The well-read will see the influence of the author’s favorite writers through the text in a positive way. It is one of the best examples of good writers being heavy readers I have seen in quite some time.

This is a book that will keep you thinking and want to pick up again.

Final Rating:

Need more than one copy!!


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