Book Review: Deadlocked

Book: Deadlocked

Author: Charlaine Harris

Recommend: Even if you’re a fan of the series, I don’t know that you’ll enjoy this one…

Yes, I admit that I rather enjoy this series of books – or at least I used to. Right now I’m kind of fed up with them. It has started to feel like the author is a one trick pony and the main character’s decisions have become increasingly plot driven instead of character driven. While I know that these aren’t great literature, there is a certain level of integrity to the nature of the characters you create that every author should maintain. I personally feel like Ms. Harris has lost sight of that in the last couple books.

In this book, Sookie’s relationship with Eric Northman is strained and seems to be in danger. Add in problems with the fae and a very powerful gift that everyone seems to want to steal and Sookie’s life is again far too exciting for her own good. Sookie’s responses to Eric in this book just don’t come across as genuine. Eric’s responses to Sookie are ten times worse. The ending scene of the book is a HUGE cope out to create tension that will lead into the next book.

At this point, I’m about ready to stop reading this series all together. The whole thing is feeling very phoned-in.

Side note: In no way, shape or form do I endorse the TV show based on these books. True Blood is not appropriate for anyone – period.

Final Rating:


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