Book Review: The Night Eternal

Book: The Night eternal

Authors: Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Recommend: If you’ve read the first two, you might as well finish the trilogy.

I picked this one up from the library after reading the first two books in the trilogy. This book is set two years after the second book and is the conclusion to the series. The human race is now living in service to the vampires. They have become labor and a source of food. However the small gang from the first two books are still fighting against the vampires, carrying on Abraham’s mission to save the world from the Master.

While this book does bring the whole story to a basically satisfying conclusion, I can’t help but feel like the authors really copped out after the first book. This book’s time gap was a weak excuse to change the relationships of the main characters with very little rhyme or reason to it. The whole book was leading to a very obvious end point and it lacked a sense of suspense because the end was just far too obvious. I think that this would make a great movie, but they didn’t hint at the ending, they slammed the reader over the head with it.

This book was even more of a let down than the second, even though it was better written because it was just too obvious. While it wasn’t a bad read, it wasn’t a good one either.

Final Rating:

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3 responses to “Book Review: The Night Eternal

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with your review. This did seem like a ho-hum, ‘let’s finisht the trilogy’, book. It really was a disappointment because the first book written so well. It was hard to root for the good guys anymore and I found myself reading out of loyalty to the first book. Like you, I loved the first book, thought the second was okay, and didn’t really care for the third. Great review.

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