Book Review: Caught in Crystal

Cover of "Caught in Crystal (Lyra series,...

Book: Caught in Crystal

Author: Patricia C. Wrede

Recommend: It was okay. A pleasant read..

I know I’ve been saying it quite a bit lately, but I’ve been putting this one off. I have read so many books that I didn’t enjoy that I am becoming more and more wary of many of the ARCs I’ve been receiving. This one screamed cheesy fantasy to me and so I kept delaying. Finally though, I decided to bite the bullet and get going.

This book is part of a loosely connected series. It is not, by far, the first book but they are written so that they can stand alone. This tells the story of an innkeeper with a magical past, one that she left behind in order to marry and have children. She gave up a life of adventure for something simpler. However, when strange visitors begin to show up, she is dragged back into a world that she thought she had left behind forever.

This book told a classic fantasy story with a main character who is more than they seem. It takes this character out of their comfort zone on a whirlwind adventure. This book was unique due to its inclusion of children and the complication they bring to the adventurous lifestyle. It was a fun, traditional fantasy in every sense of the word.

There were a couple of things the author could have done better. For one, her names for things were just cheesy. Examples: The Twisted Tower, The Shining Sisterhood, etc. Characters names included weird spelling and lots of unnecessary letters. Yes, we get it, it’s a fantasy novel but I would like to figure out what the main characters names sound like in my head thanks. Finally, it just takes far too long to get to the main part of the story and when we do, it’s rushed and not well-developed.

While this was an enjoyable, light read, this author isn’t going to be one that I must read more from but she’s also not someone I would avoid either.

Final Rating:

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