Book Review: Threat of Darkness

Book: Threat of Darkness

Author: Valerie Hansen

Recommend: It’s a quick, light, fun read. Would be great beach reading material.

I got this one through netgalley, a great site for advanced reader eBooks. I was honestly a bit nervous about reading this one. ARCs can be great but this one was a Christian romance put out by Harlequin. I really didn’t keep my hopes up. I thought it would be something I would struggle through. Instead, I found it to be a fun, clean and fast-paced read.

Samantha is a nurse in the small town she grew up in. After surviving a childhood of abuse, she now spends her spare time protecting abused children. Her life completely changes the day a drug addict brings in a little boy who found his stash. After pulling a gun on the staff, a cop walked in that was all too familiar. The one person Samantha had counted on never seeing again.

This is a classic damsel in distress with the return of an old flame formula, with a Christian perspective. I was somewhat concerned because this publisher is known for its adult material and yet, this book was a simple romance with zero inappropriateness. It was a fun light read. This book is part of the Love Inspired series, a Christian set of romance books. While this book was nothing to write home about, it was a pleasant use of a couple of hours. This would make great beach reading. Something you can enjoy without getting completely sucked into. I think this series of books might be something to keep in mind when I am looking for a light, fluffy read.

Final Rating:

Get it used…


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