Book Review: Snoozing through Advent

Book: Advent

Author: James Treadwell

Recommend: Not if it was the last book on earth… no really

I read the summary for this book and it sounded amazing! A story about a 15 year old boy who brings magic back into our world sounded like something right up my alley. So I requested a copy of it and hoped that I would get to review it. After struggling for three days to get through the book, I wished I hadn’t been approved to review it. It was one of the dullest books I have ever read.

This is one case of doing all the right things and it coming out in the worst way. The book tells the story of a 15 year old kid named Gavin who gets set to stay with his Aunt Gwen while his parents are on holiday alone. When he arrives, his aunt is missing and he meets a strange girl. This is where the book should start to get interesting right?


That would be a no. The author fails to keep the reader’s energy by lacking a sense of urgency in his writing. I spent the first 150 pages hoping that we would get moving forward in the plot. A clue as to where his Aunt was or what was up with the weird girl living at the old house. Instead Gavin’s story just seemed to stall for quite some time with unnecessary developments and jarring flashbacks to the 1500s when magic was lost in the first place. The inclusion of Greek mythology made zero sense and nothing about the book seemed to remain coherent. When you finally, painfully reach the climax of this book, it makes very little sense and is completely uninteresting to the reader. This book needs some serious help to make it even remotely readable, let alone something that will ever get near anything like the best sellers’ list.

Final Rating:



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