Dragging my hubby out for books

What my hubby would like to use my books for…

I don’t know who did it. Someone must have done it. For some reason my otherwise logical and fun-loving husband hates to read books. He’ll play video games. He’ll watch TV for hours. However, if you try to get him to pick up a book, good luck to you. In the five years we have been married, I know that he has read fewer than ten books. Only a couple of those were for fun. When I ask him what books he actually enjoyed reading, he could only come up with one answer. ONE!

As a reader, anytime I need new books, this becomes a problem for us. I am a social shopper. I don’t like to go out by myself. However, when it comes to the bookstore/used bookstore/library, I am on my own. The only ways I have found to get him to come with me is to use the two best gifts women have: guilt trips (with a side of logic) and bribery.

Yep. That’s all the time. But even worse when it’s books.

The first tactic is rather simple. Honey, I’ve been so good. I haven’t bought a book in weeks! Won’t you please come with me so I don’t have to go alone? You know that I am not to be trusted in a bookstore by myself. You know that I will spend way too long and far too much money. If that plan doesn’t work, it’s on to phase two: bribery.

The bribery approach usually involves Starbucks. Mind you, my husband doesn’t like to drink coffee but if I’m going near a Starbucks, it’s a whole new story. The bribe changes depending on where I am headed but it generally involves a stop there – after. I have learned my lesson. Going before means that I get about 20 minutes for my 5 buck bribe. If we go after, I can sometimes stretch it to over an hour.

I keep hoping someday he will figure out what he is missing. Until then, we will continue our game of coercion in exchange for trips out for books.

Update: He laughed when he read this.



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2 responses to “Dragging my hubby out for books

  1. Shakespearean Drama Queen

    I will /always/ volunteer to go on bookstore runs with you, but we had best make sure we have someone like our husbands to come in after us when we don’t return after, oh, a week or so ;). Lost in a good book indeed.

    • I think they might shoot us if we went together. Because if I’m not to be trusted in a bookstore, the two of us together would be way worse. The only thing I could think of that might be worse than the two of us would be adding your coworker and her husband. That would be the craziest book shopping trip – ever. We would be very bad influences on each other 😉

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