A scary picture of a world populated by kids and old people with no in between…

I love this cover!

Book: Starters

Author : Lissa Price

Recommend: Very interesting idea. Worth a look!

I had just finished reading a very disappointing book and decided that I couldn’t leave it at that so I picked up something else. I needed a better dystopian society than the one I had just tried to read. So I settled in and hoped that this one would be better than the last one I had read.

I was definitely not disappointed. This book has a very interesting premise. What if a piece of biologic warfare killed everyone between the ages of 20 and 60 and the only people left were children (Starters) and older people (Enders). If you were a Minor and you were lucky, you were claimed by a living relative and raised in the lap of luxury. If you were unclaimed however, you lived in the streets, squatting if you could, foraging for food and hoping to make it to your nineteenth birthday when you were finally old enough to work. Callie is sixteen has lost her family except for her vulnerable little brother. Desperate for money to help take care of her family, she goes to check out a company where her body could be rented by an Ender, giving them a chance to live like they were young again for limited amount of time. It promised huge amounts of money if the contract was completed however no one explained what you should do if you woke up living your renter’s life. Especially if they planned to use your body to commit a crime.

I absolutely loved the idea of the book. Found the characters gripping and a lot of fun to read. While she is no Katniss Everdeen, she was definitely interesting and engaging. Her little brother created a sense of purpose for the character and a motivator. The love triangle was a bit predictable, until it began to twist and turn. I would have liked a bit more depth about the two boys in the story however. Theses characters seemed just a bit flat. I hope that the next book gives them more depth because I highly doubt we are done with these two. I really enjoyed this one. I can’t wait for the next book. I just hope that even though the title is Enders, that we are sticking with Callie and her adventures.

Final Rating:

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