This made me thirsty..

Books: The Water Wars

Author: Cameron Stracher

Recommend: If you’ve got nothing better to do…

I have been wanting to read this book for quite some time. I kept choosing something else over it. I finally decided to pick it up today after I realized that it was shorter than anything else I had in my hands and might as well. So i started in sitting in the coffee shop at the bookstore that has become almost a daily after work stop lately. Man do I really miss the comfy chairs. Barnes and Noble take note!

I started in and quickly realized that this was not on the best seller’s list for a reason. While the concept is great, the writing is stilted and simplistic. The characters have no depth and they are just not interesting to read. Everything I wanted to know more about wasn’t expanded on and the most mundane things went plodding along for forever. The apparent death and the resurrection of character just got ridiculous. After a while I never counted on anyone being dead because sure enough, they would show up again. I got rather annoyed and definitely sped through it quickly because I was annoyed by the fact that yet another promising plot was completely destroyed by poor writing. It could have been so much more!

The only thing this book succeeded in doing was making me very thirsty. Thirsty for water and better writing.  I loved the idea I just wish the rest of it had measured up!

Final Rating:

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