Book Review:Free Resources for Elementary Teachers

Book: Free Resources for Elementary Teachers

Author: Colleen Kessler

Recommend: If you are a teacher or homeschooler..

I got this book as an advanced reader copy from library thing and finally got around to it after finishing a longer series. This book was a fast read for me but I can see people spending tons of time going through the materials included in this book.

The book covers online resources for every subject taught in the elementary school. Many of them were completely new to me. While I only checked out some of the sites, the ones I checked out were well researched and the information was accurate.

I did walk away with a couple of negatives. There were not very many pieces of information for my subject. Very few music websites were included and the ones that were included were ones that everyone I know is familiar with. Due to this fact, I think I’ll be sending it to my sister-in-law who is homeschooling. I think she might find it much more useful. The other thing was that some sites that had a more than one area were repeated. I thought it was a waste of print space.

Final Rating:

Get it free


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