Book Review: Torn

Book: Torn

Author: Stephanie Guerra

Recommend: Not really worth the time or effort..

This was one of those books that I wasn’t quite sure why I decided to read it. The plot was nothing that I normally found interesting and I’m still not quite sure why I put it on my request list for advanced reader copies but I did and I got approved to read and review it. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t.

This book centers around a girl named Stella who gets pulled into the life of the new girl at their school, Ruby. Ruby is nothing like the kind of girl Stella was typically friends with and started dragging Stella to go out with college age guys and make lots of poor decisions. Ruby needs a friend and Stella takes a walk on the wild side, not really sure why she thought it was ever a good idea. We’ve all had this friendship growing up. Someone who was a bad influence on us but was so cool we couldn’t help but hang out with them.

The book had very little going for it. The main character Stella was well written but the choices she made didn’t fit the character the author established. Ruby is a dynamic force of nature but doesn’t behave in a way that makes much sense for her character. The author seemed to feel the need to throw in lots of teen drug use and alcohol without really touching other taboo topics in detail.

This book was just not worth the time or energy and isn’t really worth the computer space it takes up. I would recommend not wasting your time.

Final Rating:



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