Book Review: The Weepers or The Other Life

Book: The Weepers or The Other Life

Author: Susanne Winnacke

Recommend: If you are looking for a short, not scary zombie book to read before bed..

I have a soft spot for horror. Gives me nightmares but for some reason I find myself enjoying the scare just as much as the next adrenaline junkie. This  book definitely provided some thrills but was somewhat lacking.

At just under 200 pages, this was a short read. I felt like I was just getting to know who these characters were and suddenly the book is over with a short time commitment and less than satisfying end that is an obvious ploy for a sequel. The main character is a bit self-centered but you end up enjoying following Sherry around as she avoids the weepers with her rescuer Joshua as they try to find her father before it is too late. The last ten pages are the best in the book, as all kinds of new information comes to light for a final kiss and a horrible resting point.

While it had some decently scary monsters, this book needed more zest to keep up with me.

Final Rating:

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