Book Review: Talisman of El

Book. Talisman of El

Author: Alecia Stone

Recommend: It was a fun but a bit confusing…

I’ve seen this book mentioned a few times and so when I had a chance to get an advanced copy, I jumped at the opportunity. I left this to last of my current pile of these as a reward at the end of the jog, something I was pretty sure I would enjoy.

This book centers around a teenage orphan named Charlie who is starting off at yet another new school with another new guardian provided by the courts. Charlie tends to find himself in trouble wherever he goes and after his first day, this new school seems like no exception. Things get even worse when his new guardian isn’t all he is cracked up to be. Then he finds a letter that sends him down an interesting path on a search for Arcadia, the civilization at the center of the earth. What he finds, nothing could have ever prepared him for and the decisions he now faces could mean the end of humanity.

The book is a little slow to get started but once it does, you are off racing through earth and beyond at a fun, brisk pace. Everything gets turned on its head one too many times for my taste though so that by the time you reach the last 50 pages or so, the story line has gotten so complicated and confusing that it’s hard to tell which end is up leaving the reader feeling a bit dissatisfied and lost.

While I think this book has great potential, I hope that the ending gets some clarification before reaching the masses or this really good book might go by completely unnoticed.

Final Rating:

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