Book Review: Erebos, the most addicting video game – ever

Book: Erebos

Author: Ursula Poznanski

Recommend: If you play video games or know someone who does!

I am a gamer. I have been for a long time. I play World of Warcraft, have a PS2, Wii and play other video games wherever I can get them. It is one of the few other things I do to amuse myself in my free time. So when this book came up for option, I snapped it up.

Kids all over Nick’s school are passing around mysterious packaged and refuse to talk about them. His friends are ignoring him, skipping basketball practices and will not talk about what they are doing with all their time. They look exhausted. Nick is furious, until he is offered a chance to receive the package as well. Inside he finds Erebos, the most addictive and intense game around. Everything is great until the game begins to give him tasks in the real world and orders him never to talk about it.

I loved this book! The game reminded me of World of Warcraft meets live action Dungeons and Dragons with a bit of an intriguing twist. What really is the story behind the video games we play and what if they weren’t just for entertainment. I loved how the author completely grasped the addictive quality of the video games and the rich story telling ability they have. Video game addiction is something that many gamers have to deal with. I loved the fast pace of the story that kept the reader engaged while not rushing it either. I am tempted to had this one off to my husband who doesn’t like to read but might make an exception for a book like this. My best friend is also a die hard gamer and I think he needs to read it as well.

If I had to find a negative with this book, I would say that I wish the author had spent a little more time on the relationship development between Nick and Emily. There was a point in the book where I felt like the author was rushing to get to the next part instead of spending time on what could have been a great scene. The author seems to have fallen into the trap that only boys are gamers!

This was a great, fun read. Definitely worth getting your hands on!

Final Rating:

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