Book Review: The Action Bible: New Testament

Book: The Action Bible: New Testament

Illustrator: Sergio Cariello

Editor: Doug Mauss

Recommend: For an 8 to 10 year old boy… maybe

I thought this might be an interesting selection. I have been hearing quite a bit about animated versions of the Bible lately and decided that I should take a look at one. I found the concept very interesting. There is so much action through many of the books of the Bible that would translate well to a comic book version of the Bible. I spent my whole time looking through hoping that somewhere it just might get better. I was very wrong.

While the concept is a great one, I saw a lot of problems with this book. First off, I wouldn’t exactly call it a Bible. It skips over quite a bit and mashes quite a bit together. More than I think was necessary. The pictures were very colorful but felt extremely dated. I felt like I was looking at a Bible version of an old superman comic. When I found out the illustrator had worked for DC comics, I was not surprised in the least. The book focused on the lives of Jesus, Paul and Peter to the exclusion of almost everyone else except where they related to those figures. I was hoping that Revelation would at least redeem the book but there are only a few pages and they are not very specific. In the one book where the illustrator could let his imagination run, he chose to hold back and make it look rather cheesy.

I might pass this one on to my nephews but somehow I doubt they will enjoy it very much.

Final Rating:

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2 responses to “Book Review: The Action Bible: New Testament

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  2. ERI

    Good to know from the mother of your nephews. 😉

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