The first book I ever read…

Where did my obsession for book start? Well there are many events that people mention as my start to book obsession but the two most notable events are as follows:

Event 1: I was young at the time, very young and I asked my mother how she got so smart in my little girl wonder at the vast amount of knowledge she seemed to have at the time. My mother replied back, that she had gained her knowledge from reading books. I don’t remember this conversation but it must have thoroughly warped my subconscious because to this day, I look to books as the main source for knowledge and wisdom.

My first book

Event 2: I was in a car. That much I recall with clarity. The seats were blue with a herringbone pattern in the fabric. Someone had given me a copy of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White for Christmas. The book was far too much for me but I took it with me anyway. I had recently figured out how to read and didn’t know that I should be reading little kid picture books. Instead I was determined to conquer the chapter book I had sitting in my lap. I began sounding my way through the first two pages, getting quicker with every word. Eventually my mind was going faster than my mouth could keep up and I stopped reading out loud after the second page. By the end of the road trip, I had finished the book. I never looked at another book with pictures seriously again. I was off. Reading everything I could get my hands on.

Do you remember what the first book you read was?


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  1. lupusadventurer

    The first book I ever remember reading is Cheerful, a book about a little mouse who lived in a church. The first chapter book I remember reading was the Secret Garden.

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