Book Review: Crazy Dangerous

Book: Crazy Dangerous

Author: Andrew Klaven

Recommend: If you are into suspense…

I am really enjoying the fact that I’m getting free books to read that I can share with you. So far everything I have picked from Book Sneeze has been really good reads. This one is no exception. I don’t think I would classify this one as a favorite or anything but it was definitely a fun use of my time on a relaxed morning. Today I decided to read at home for a bit. My husband is getting a bit tired of my disappearing act. So I sat next to him and read while he studied for his A+ networking exam.

The story centers around a boy named Sam who is the son of the town’s preacher. As a kid who grew up with parents in ministry (my dad was a youth pastor for a while), I immediately connected with the main character. He makes some interesting choices and for a while ends up hanging out with some of the bad kids in town. He is able to get out of a bad situation when he defends a young girl named Jennifer who is mentally disturbed. This leads down some very dangerous choices that cause everything to spin out of control.

I liked the characters in this book. Sam was realistic and Jennifer was down right creepy. I thought that the author balanced her character well and that while the revelation at the end was a bit far fetched, it was still barely logical and someone might have leaped to that conclusion, especially if they were going off the word of someone who was delusional. I found the story telling to be good, a bit dry but the pacing was what was needed for the storyline. I did find some of it a bit disjointed and wished that he had spent less time trying to make the reader feel off kilter. I think that it would have been more effective than the disjointed style he chose.

This was definitely a fun one time read but not something you own.

Final Rating:

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