Why do we let this happen?

Book: Why Me?

Author: Sarah Burleton

Recommend: If you can handle it

Believe it or not. Yes. It’s actually non-fiction on my blog. I have read a few books about kids who were abused through their lives. It helps me remember to be looking. I am thankful that it is not the norm, but I work with children and have had some kids who have been through horrible things in their young lives. I would never want a child to go through something like this when it was simply not being noticed for what it was.

This is a very powerful story about one woman’s journey through an abusive childhood. It highlights some of the extremes in her life and tells how she finally escaped her horrible home life. The only complaint I would really have about this very short book is that it felt like there was too much information missing. I wanted to know more about her mother’s motivation, more about her step-father and more of the background. It really felt like large chunks of the story were missing for no apparent reason.

This is one of those tough but good reads. Not one I would want to visit again but one I am glad I read.

Final Rating:

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