Book Review: A modern version of a favorite classic!

Book: Jane

Author: April Lindner

Recommendation: It was quite good.. almost as good as the original.

I have always been a big fan of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It was one of my favorite books growing up. I’ve worn out several copies and occasionally pick it back up, especially when I’ve read lots of books that I found to be disappointing and am simply dying for a good read. I find the story completely captivating. It is the original dark romance.

When I read the back cover of this book, I couldn’t help but pick it up, just to see how poor a job the author had done. I was surprised to find that not only did the author not ruin it, she did a good job of updating the story in a modern yet familiar way. This story follows a young woman named Jane who is having to drop out of college since her parents died and take a job as a nanny for a somewhat reclusive rock star’s daughter. As she gets to know her employer, she begins to fall for him. Just as it seems like everything is going right, his darkest secret ruins them both.

The author’s version of Jane embodied the spirit of the orginal while creating a more independent version that is more fitting of modern times. Nico is just as brooding but slightly less harsh than Edward. I personally didn’t like how much they changed his name but I supposed some things had to be different. I liked the fact that they gave Nico something to do. It gave his character a focus that it would have lacked had the author simply tried to translate him directly. Even little Maddy is a great update from the little girl in the book.  I loved the pacing and way the story was balanced. Just enough of the old tempered with some change, although not so much as to make it unrecognizable.

There were only a couple things I didn’t like. To begin with, the whole section with River and his sisters was a bit awkward. I think that the character wasn’t updated enough. I also didn’t like that you don’t get to see the end result for him this time. I am  not a particular fan of that portion of the book anyway, so I think I might have some bias there. My other complaint is the fact that the love story played out somewhat differently than it did in the book. That part was a bit too modern for me. It was done tastefully though, which at least that much I appreciated.

This one is definitely worth your time. If you haven’t read the classic, I can almost guarentee that this book will make you want to. I’m considering fishing my copy out and tearing through it or reading it on my nook now that I’ve read this.

Final Rating:

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