Not what she’d bargained for…

Book: Trafficked

Author: Kim Purcell

Recommend: It’s not for everyone.

I was wandering around Barnes and Noble again, looking for something new to read. I seem to be spending more and more time there lately. I found this book on the teen fiction shelves and decided to pick it up. I had a whole mess of books in my hand and for some reason, I decided to start in on this one, thinking i would read a few pages and decide that it wasn’t worth my time. While this book wasn’t the most amazing thing I have ever read, it definitely grabbed my attention and kept me enthralled in its pages while I read.

This tells the story of a young girl from Moldova who was sent to America to be a nanny. When she arrived, she was placed with a family who never paid her, tried to take her documents and didn’t allow her to leave the house. She was forced to work crazy hours and had to deal with a family full of secrets and lies. while the story line was compelling, the main character fell somewhat flat. Her lack of emotion created a bit of a disconnect in my opinion. She was just missing something that needed to be there for the reader to be more empathetic with her. Coupled with the fact that she was spared much of the true torture that many in this situation go through, it seemed like the author was afraid to take the story as far as it would have gone logically simply due to the audience, causing the reader to come back to reality somewhat. She had the chance to do something very jarring and make her point, but it was as if she got scared. I think for this book to have a greater impact there needed to be more horror in the situation. This was definitely a one time read.

Final Rating:

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