A second look at The Hunger Games

Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Author :Suzanne Collins

Recommend: Definitely!

I went to the midnight showing. How could I not? The books were such a stirring read. I couldn’t help but want to see them brought to life even though I knew they would be hard to watch due to the violence and disregard for human life. I was lucky. My theater was filled with young adults mostly, loud college kids who had the sense to actually watch the movie and not scream their way through.

In some ways it was very different than I had interpreted it in my mind. Some things were older than I expected, others newer. The reaping was unimpressive honestly. The sense of grotesque grandeur from the book seemed to be missing. The games were shorter than I thought they would be. They took some of the deeper meaning out with the origin of the mockingjay pin. The games were more violent than I thought they would be and yet not graphic enough compared to what happened in the book. Rue stole my heart and even though I knew what would happen, I still teared up in the theater. The way they had Katniss handle Peeta during the interviews was actually better than the way Suzanne Collins wrote it. Overall, I found the movie very impressive. While I definitely enjoyed the movie, there was a rare sense of more than just a night of amusement. For the first time in quite a while for me, I left a movie feeling the weight of the issues presented.

I was in for even more shock when I left the theater. The people who had been to see it fit into only a few reactions. The young teens who were shallow, were excited and squealing. I was immediately drawing a comparison to the people of Capitol. Most of the guys were fueled by testosterone from the violence which had warmed in their veins, bringing out a primal urge to engage in violence. An echo of the warrior our society so rarely needs. Then there were the shell-shocked. The people who had not read the books and had no idea what they were going to see. The ones were were considering everything the movie had brought to light in their minds. They were quiet and reserved, some charged with a strange energy, a sense of purpose at what they had seen. Then there were the informed. The ones who knew what they were walking into. The were much like the shell-shocked group but lacked the element of surprise. Many annoyed with their male counterparts who were riding their biological high, many not fully grasping why they felt that way. I fell into the last group, with the exception that my husband was contemplating what he had seen and not a member of the charged group of males.

Then I sat down and read the books again with new eyes. There is always something about seeing the movie that brings books out in a new light. Now instead of letting your imagination do all the work, you have images to fill things in with. Things your brain couldn’t quite conjure up on it’s own. Then reading the next two books able to see things through new eyes, having a better idea what they might look like.

This is one movie I won’t forget anytime soon!I can’t wait for Catching Fire!

Final Rating:


Need more than one copy!!


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