Fairest of All

Yes, that's actually the cover

Book: Fairest of All

Author: Serina Valentino

Recommend: If you are a Disney fan.

I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time on CBS. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it is basically all the fairy tales you grew up with mashed together and put into the real world by a curse. A curse that wouldn’t allow for any happy endings. The only person who can break the curse is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming who grew up in the real world.

I have always loved the ‘true version’ of fairy tales. The idea that we don’t know what really happened or what motivated a character to make the choices that they did. The author most known for doing this though is unfortunately extremely dull to read. I keep my eyes out for these kinds of stories because I love to read them.

This book, is one such story. It takes the Disney version of Snow White and wonders what could cause the queen to want to kill her stepdaughter. Why would someone be so evil towards a young girl. What created that jealousy. How could Snow White’s father choose such a horrible woman to raise his only child?

The thing I loved about this book was that it did an amazing job of answering all the questions behind the story of Snow White but still made it feel like a fairy tale with a sad ending. It somehow gave a more realistic that’s the rest of the story feel while maintaining the original vibe of the fairy tale we all grew up watching (since most get exposed to the Disney version before they read the real version).

The only negative I might mention with this book is that it felt like the queen’s switch was a bit too abrupt. Her change was a bit like flipping a switch instead of something more gradual. I would rather have seen her more conflicted about the choice she decided to make in the end.

This was definitely a fun read for a bit of lighter fare.

Final Rating:

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