Book Review: A short review for a short,twisted, entwined fairy tale.

Book: Happily Ever After

Author: Edward H. Carpenter

Recommend: It has potential..

I received this book as a gift from a free giveaway. This is very much not a full sized book but a short story. It felt more like reading an outlined book than reading something completed worked out. I loved the plot idea and thought it was an interesting twist. I wish that there had been more showing the reader what was going on and less telling. He has some serious potential as a writer but has some work to do yet. I hope that as he grows as a writer he decides to revisit this work and expand it because it definitely has the potential to be something intelligent, snarky and just plain fun to read. I wouldn’t recommend it yet but maybe someday in the future if he ever goes back to it.

Final Rating:

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