A book that has a little bit of everything…

Book: Pooghkeepsie

Author: Debra Anastasia

Recommend: Yes, if you aren’t easily offended by mature subject matter..

I was so excited when I saw this book finally in print. I had read some of it before it was published in an altered form and when I heard that this was finally going to be available, I was thrilled.

When I started in, it was just as wonderful as I remembered. The characters have serious depth and the pacing is just right. The story revolves around a young woman named Livia who meets a homeless man at the Pooghkeepsie train station, heading into school to work on her physiology masters degree. She has a habit of smiling at everyone she sees on her morning commute, including the one man who is invisible to everyone else. Eventually the two begin talking and everything changes.

With siblings who are intense, a family tree that will make you eyes spin and a past that haunts, this story will leave you wanting more. I was thrilled to finally be able to read the conclusion to this amazing piece.

There may be a few negatives for some readers. To start, one of the characters is a mobster, with all that implies. I would say that there is HEAVY use of foul language and there definitely are some scenes that made me blush. This story is definitely mature and deals with some difficult subject matter including abuse, rape, and murder.

The story telling is amazing, but I would definitely steer clear if this kind of book is not your thing.

Final Rating:

Get it new!

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