Interesting Distopian Society

Book: Forbidden

Author: Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

Recommend: So far so good..

I picked up this book on the nook simply because it was a great deal. I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it and was pleasantly surprised. I am always wary of books written by a team instead of an individual. These partnerships can either go really well or turn into a disaster of epic proportions. For the most part, this meeting of the minds turned our rather well.

The book centers around a young man named Rom and his encounter with a Keeper who tells him that his father had not died as he had thought but was murdered. In a world where the only emotion is fear, the discovery of the truth of their situation leads them down a path none of them could have imagined.

The only disappointment I had with this book was that the characters seemed a bit flat. I really wonder if the two authors is to blame for this situation. There were a couple of parts were I wanted the authors to dive deeper into who the characters were and yet they chose not to. I wasn’t sure if they were keeping it for the next book or because of the weirdness that can happen when two writers team up.

This book is definitely worth the time and I am awaiting the next book eagerly. I hope that it is even better than the first.

Final Rating:

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