Robots take over the world… again.

Book: Robopocalypse

Author: Daniel H. Wilson

Recommend: If you like post apocalyptic books..

I got this one through the library after seeing on the shelf at the bookstore and being rather intrigued by the title and cover (even though I try NOT to let a book’s cover influence me) but I didn’t want to pay for a rip off of Asimov or the Matrix and so when I saw that it was available through the library, I decided to check it out.

This book was in interesting read. Fast-paced with an interesting story-telling premise, it got me hooked immediately and made me want to keep reading to the end. I wouldn’t say that there was anything unique about the book though. The story telling was almost exactly like World War Z, the plot was something out of the work of Issac Asimov with a touch of the matrix thrown in, and the whole thing felt more like The Passage or an episode of The Walking Dead. Personally, I think that in some ways these robots were not quite enough robot for me. There were too many important questions left unanswered and there seemed to be a lack of logic that would have made more sense if it had been zombies or feral vampires. These robots lacked the logic that I would have expected from them.

There were some amazing scenes in this book, like the fact that some of the robots take up against the others, that the robots turn human beings into something not quite human but not quite machine and the cars. I think the most inventive thing in the whole story was the cars (which he over-used after the fact but I couldn’t blame him too much).

It was definitely a fun read but I’m not sure it’s something that I’m going to get the bug to pick up again. I’m glad this was a library find.

Final Rating:

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