Odd book with a strange explanation

Book: Sole Survivor

Author: Dean Koontz

Recommend: If you don’t mind plots that are a HUGE stretch..

I picked this one out from the online selection of my public library. Someone had mentioned it to me (I don’t remember who now) and said that I might enjoy this one. I have read Dean Koontz before and typically don’t find his work all that interesting. I find most of what the man writes predictable and not worth spending time on. Couple that with the fact that most of them are centered around themes I would rather not spend my time on, I usually avoid his work.

For some reason, I decided to read this one though and was pleasantly surprised to find that, at least for this book, his writing was somewhat different. The book tells the story of a reporter who had lost his wife and daughters in a plane crash the year before and was basically waiting for death. He goes to visit the graves of his family and it begins a crazy ride of conspiracy, suspicion, and chase that is somewhat typical of Koontz. As he races to find out what really happened on the plane, he finds out that there may have been two survivors of the crash.

I found this book to be a light, entertaining read. It was more enjoyable than I thought it would be simply because it was much cleaner than most of Koontz’s other works. However, when you reach the final reveal of the book, it is just a bit too fantastical and outrageous to be believable. It feels like watching Scooby Doo, where everything is freaky until you find out that some normal person was behind it, only this time in reverse. This time you think someone normal is behind it to find out that it is simply something that the brain can’t accept. Then add in more religious conjecture than most would care for in a light read and you have yourself one of the oddest endings I have ever read. If there was a prize for strange ending, Mr. Koontz just might win with this one.

I expected general fiction and came away with someone out of science fiction. It was interesting but not what I was planning on reading. Worth sitting down to go through but not so amazing that it will be memorable.

Final Rating:

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