Great book-until the end

Book: Inheritance

Author; Christopher Paolini

Recommend: Yes, but the ending just might make you mad!

Okay, I’ve read the other three books in the cycle and was excited to read the conclusion to the series. I loved the other books and this one was no exception. Eragon and Saphira finally grow into their powers and abilities just in time for a final showdown with Murtogh and Galbatorix. It was definitely a fight worth waiting for and I was surprised by the way it ended. The last dragon egg hatches for it’s rider and we find out things were not quite as they seemed through the first three books.

The only thing that made me mad was the ending. If you have read the other books, you know what the end hold for Eragon thanks to Angela but Arya’s fate was what frustrated me to no end. I would have to say that a girl NEVER would have written what Chris did. I don’t want to ruin too much of the book by going further but I was disappointed with the very end. I get it but it doesn’t meant that I have to like it.

Overall, it was a great conclusion to a wonderful series and I hope that he decides to return to this world again in the future!

Final Rating:

Get it used...


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3 responses to “Great book-until the end

  1. A pity, but I disagree with this story. I actually do like your weblog still and will likely continue to keep moving back for updates.

    • I just wasn’t as impressed with this one as I have been with other things he has written. I think that was the major problem I had with it. Glad you enjoy what you see here and thanks for your honest opinion!

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