Odd little book…

Book: Artemis Fowl
Author:Eoin Colfer
Recommend: Not particularly

So I was browsing through my friend’s nook books and saw that one of them had the first book in this series. I have been curious about it for a while but had just never gotten there. Some of my students have ranted about how amazing they are so I figured I would read it.

This seemed like a great plot line. Evil 12 year old mastermind tried to outsmart fairies for profit. Sounded like the makings of a great series. While the idea is amazing, it’s about the only thrilling part of the book. The main character Artemis, is flat and just dull to read. Like Lex Luthor without the bite. The Butler was more entertaining and had more emotional depth than Artemis. The fairies were interesting but I have never longed for traditional fairies more in my life! The technology was just an unnecessary distraction. You spend more time with the fairies than you do with the main character it seems and I wanted to kn ow what made this kid tick, but there seemed to be no substance there.

I feel like this book had so much potential and it didn’t meet any of it. A large part of me wants to rewrite the thing just to make it more interesting.

The biggest negative I found was the inappropriateness of this book for the target audience. As an adult an occasional swear word isn’t the end of the world, but in a book aimed at children, I found it offensive. The violence and descriptions weren’t necessary and I found Artemis to be a bad example for kids. I wouldn’t put this in the hands of any child I know.

If you’re looking for what not to do when writing a fantasy novel, this is a great book to read, otherwise don’t waste your money. I’m glad I borrowed this and didn’t pay for it myself.

Final Rating:



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