An interesting James Patterson book

Book: Witch and Wizard: The Fire

Author: James Patterson and JIll Dembowski

Recommend? Definitely, much better than the first two!

I got a new nook for Christmas 🙂 With my new nook simple touch in hand, I’ve been reading up a storm! So I went to the bookstore and spent a few hours devouring the latest James Patterson book in his Witch and Wizard series.

I had read the first two books in the series and found them to be a fun, fast and light read. When I got to the third book of the series, I was pleasantly surprised to see a change from the first two. This book seemed to be more logical and polished than the first two. This book also seemed to be better geared to the target audience than the first two had been.

This book follows Wisty and Whit Allgood, a young witch and wizard who are fighting The One Who is The One and the New Order. At the beginning of the book Whit is trying to save Wisty who is on the brink of death. From the first page on, the story grabs you and doesn’t really let go. All of the book s have been exciting but this book really developed the story and filled in quite a few holes that made the story seem more cohesive.

Of all the books, this one gave the best visual of the different worlds, made the characters seem more believable and was much more consist ant than the previous two. However, I would say that this series in general can be a bit hard to follow, simply because Mr. Patterson takes things quite a ways away from what is normal for most books about witches and wizards. However, these differences create a truly fictional world.

I think the biggest negative for me in the series is the fact that the characters are not well fleshed out. The action seems more important than who Whit and Wisty are as characters. Mr. Patterson doesn’t take enough time to flesh these kids out, let alone the supporting characters and so you are pulled by plot alone. While this can work, especially in something this intense, I think that better characterization would have enhanced the drama, instead of creating two characters that at the end, you are not sure you really know, especially when Wisty makes a choice about a certain boy that makes absolutely no sense to me. I think character development would have helped this series be much more effective and created a more lasting impression.

If you decide to pick this one up, be sure to check out the extra stuff at the end. There are so many Easter eggs in this book that are thinly disguised and the appendixes are no exception.

While this was a fun read, it’s not one that will be joining my book collection anytime soon.

Final Rating:

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