Stolen- a letter in book form


Author:Lucy Christopher

Recommend? It is an interesting read…

I picked up this book, not sure what to expect from it. I had read a couple other stories about teen girls getting kidnapped and horrific things happening to them and so I was pleasantly surprised that this book was not anything like what I expected. Written in the form of a letter to her kidnapper, this book goes through the whole ordeal in a very interesting perspective that doesn’t get in the way of the story.

The only negative I would mention with this book is the lack of chapters, while necessary for the format, makes it a bit difficult to put down.

I love that the author realized that she doesn’t need to spell everything out for the reader all the time and I think that they way she handled the kidnapper being just a messed up kid inside who never grew up was rather interesting.

Definitely worth a read if this kind of story appeals to you.


Final Rating:

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