Book: Vivaldi’s Virgins

Author: Barbara Quick

Recommend? Maybe if you are into music…

I picked up this book simply because it sounded interesting to me, knowing the history of the composer. It was an engaging read and the characters were well written. I came away though feeling like quite a bit of the story was missing. Some stories are best told in first person, however I don’t think this was one of them. There was a lot more I wish the writer had shared. Also Vivaldi didn’t feel very dynamic in the story. I was expecting him to take a more pivotal role in the story. Some of the most interesting bits were left out, where great moments of action could have occurred.

This is definitely not one that I would pay full price for. I don’t think people who aren’t familiar with the story of the red priest would find this very engaging. Pick it up at your own risk.

Final rating: library


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Filed under historical fiction, Review

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