A musical journey

Book: Songmaster

Author: Orson Scott Card

Recommend: Definitely with one caveat..

Okay, I have been wanted to read this due to the title alone for a long time. I’ve read Card’s short stories and find the way that he discusses music extremely powerful. I bought this one at Bookman’s even though it smelled like cigarette smoke and I sneezed the whole time I read it. I was that excited to read this book! I got it right before I got my nook though and for a while anything paper fell by the wayside.

It turns out that it was an extension of one of his short stories which I had loved. It is a wonderful read. The characters literally leap off the page. As a musician I felt an instant connection with it. The main character’s amazing journey is not to be missed. I don’t want to say too much about the plot because it will give away too much of the story on this one. I think that the plot becomes more obvious as you connect with this character.

There was one big negative in the book for me that I was blindsided by because of who the author is. Mr. Card is Mormon and though I felt the build up to this, I was shocked by it being included in one of his books. I know that it will prevent many people who read my blog from picking it up and would have a serious problem with it if I didn’t warn them about this. One of the supporting characters is bisexual and there is a scene in the book that makes it very clear. I didn’t expect this of him simply because of the Mormon stance on the issue. While for me, this isn’t something that will keep me from reading a book, I know there are others that it would. While it wouldn’t keep me from reading the book, I do hold to the Biblical view on the issue.

For me, this is one of the most powerful books Card has written. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks they can handle it.

Final Rating:

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